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Kids + Youth

We love our young church family!

Our kids at HOME are very precious, and we consider the opportunity to shepherd our young ones a tremendous responsibility and privilege. We recognize that training a child up in the ways of God has eternal ramifications.

We desire for our kid’s ministry to inspire hope into our little ones and help them see their potential to be world changers. We desire they would see living for Christ as an exciting journey. Kids ministry should be fun and safe, yet also impactful!

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Ages 4 yrs. – 10 yrs.

Our HOME Kids participate in corporate worship during our Sunday gatherings. After worship, our kids will be formally dismissed in order to come together to learn about Jesus as well as engage in crafts and games.

If you like more information regarding our kid’s ministry, please contact our Children’s Leader, Victoria Miller, at

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HOME Nursery

Ages 6 months – 3 yrs.

Childcare is available during our entire service for our children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years old. We have a licensed sitter who oversees our little ones.

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Rebel Next Youth Group

Ages: 11 – 18 yrs.

At this time, our youth group has been placed on hold. Our leaders are currently using this season to pray and seek God for the vision of our youth for the new year.

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