Prayer Room Schedule

Registration is not required to attend a mid-week Prayer Set.

However, please note seating is on a first come basis. Our current capacity is limited to 30 seats.


All prayer sets are held at our church office, 298 Neighborhood Rd., Mastic Beach, NY 11951.

Thursdays: 6 - 8 AM || 6 - 8 PM

Fridays: 6 - 8 AM || 6- 8 PM


Prayer Room Vision

Matthew 21:13 – “My house will be called a house of prayer….”


The primary purpose of our prayer room is to fulfill the Lord’s desire for His house, that is, to be a community centered on His Presence. In our prayer room we gather around the Presence of the Lord and minister to His heart through "day & night" worship & prayer. We believe our greatest need is for the Lord’s Presence to rest upon on our lives, families, & communities. When this happens, we find everything our hearts desire: provision, protection, restoration, satisfaction, salvation, joy, anointing, holiness, and more!

The design of our prayer room reflects the spirit of David’s Tabernacle, which consisted of unceasing worship and prayer (1 Chr. 9:33 & 1 Chr. 16:1). This is the very activity that perpetually surrounds the throne room of God in heaven (Rev. 4 & 5). When we establish places of continual worship & prayer, we establish places for the realities of heaven to manifest on earth. Through worship & prayer, namely praise, thanksgiving, intercession, and prophecy, we align ourselves with who God is, what He has done, and what He desires to do.

At HOME, we express our mandate to become a House of Prayer as “Beholding Jesus & Bringing His Kingdom.” We believe that as we corporately behold Jesus through worship & prayer, His Presence transforms us more into His likeness. As a result, we are released into the world to bring His kingdom by walking as Jesus did in both purity and power.

For more information on how to serve at our Prayer Room, please contact us at